Sommerwerft - international theatre festival





The incredible realization of the Sommerwerft, being much more than a “theatre festival on the riverside”, can be celebrated newly every single year. Not only because we don’t charge any entrance fees and the offer is only possible thanks to financial and material support and the help of volunteers, but also because on this location in these few weeks a thriving vibe is created that cannot be found anywhere else in the Frankfurt scenery. Our greatest reward after huge physical and financial efforts is to realize this free cultural place and to see visitors and artists exchanging, learning from each other and celebrating toBeduinen Zelt an der Weseler Werftgether.



The protagonists – artists, helpers and audience – give their own cultural contribution to this region we live in: a cosmopolitan Rhein-Main! This “local culture” flourishes by connecting cultural shapes beyond borders. The Sommerwerft can call attention to life being more than the trivial functioning of modern reality. To this: creativity instead of consumption.




“In times of seemingly infinite possibilities but with a constant feeling of being on the verge of fainting a location as offered by the Sommerwerft can help to slow down, catch a breath, marvel and inspire. We need such spaces for the community.”


Bernhard Bub, chairman of protagon e.V. & artistic director of antagon

Sommerwerft 2014