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About us

Dear Sommerwerft Friends, dear Culture and Theatre Enthusiasts,

Sommerwerft has reached it's 10th year, with a two and a half week programme of unusually interesting theatre and culture by the Main river. We declare this international theatre festival a public space without restrictions, a cultural free space in Frankfurt without fences or entrance fees. We invite you to come by and experience, dive in, see, feel and enjoy . . ..

Beduinen Zelt an der Weseler Werft
   Das Beduinenzelt am Mainufer

On the grounds of the Weseler Werft (next to the Flößer Bridge on the shore of the Main River in Frankfurt), the visiter can expect a cultural festival program from international artists. Our CultureRoom on the shore, complete with a Biergarten, is open daily (rain or shine),

THE meeting place for everyone who wants to escape the summer blues in the urban consume-tempel, for people who are looking for something special, something quite different indeed.


Special to the Osthafen (Eastern Harbor), the location of the Sommerwerft, is a place of contrast and upheavel:
old dockyard cranes bare homage to the city's industrial history and - beside the skyscrapers of the banking district, the coal yards and the Flösser Bridge - it offers an impressive backdrop for the attractive festival program.