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Auch im musikalischen Herzen der Sommerwerft, im Beduinenzelt, gibt es schmackhafte Köstlichkeiten für Zwischendurch. Hausgemachte Schokoladen Brownies, Kaffee oder leckeren Chai Tee versüßen die gemütliche Zeit beim entspannten Musik genießen.

Café Pinpanelli

Last year, the cozy Pinpanelli mini street café right next to the cocktail bar was new at the Sommerwerft. There you can relax with iced coffee, cappuccino or espresso in front of the café. The hustle and bustle of the festival and the strolling visitors can be seen particularly well in the Café Pinpinelli.


In the cocktail bar you can get your evening refreshment caipirinha in a colorful atmosphere created by the theatrical bar staff. However, there are not only cocktails available. There will be open jam sessions inside the bar this year. Everyone is welcome to bring their instruments, voice or talent with them and to get together with other music enthusiasts and start jamming – Let’s see what happens.

Every Wednesday to Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m. (except on days when outdoor theater takes place at the same time in front of the cocktail bar). Sunday afternoons you can get glitter tattoos for children and adults in the cocktail bar.

Flammkuchen, Datschi & Wraps

International and regional cuisine

Friends of regional and international cuisine will get their money’s worth at the Sommerwerft. With all sorts of fresh and lovingly prepared dishes, our kitchen offers a fine culinary offer. In addition to the popular Wraps, there are Tarte flambée, Samosas and, since last year, Potato Pancakes with Green Sauce and the Hessian Hand Cheese classics in creative variations. Almost all of our ingredients are now organic. From 2020, the Sommerwerft will no longer sell meat and our chefs are already in the creative planning stage for alternative tarte flambées.

At the weekend, food sales start at 3 p.m., during the week from 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. depending on the stand.

The Bars

At the legendary Haifisch-Bar(shark bar), beautiful employees have refreshing drinks for every taste. In addition to this main bar, our Second Bar will again offer a wide range of refreshing drinks. Last year our new Wine Bar with a large regional wine offer was a complete success. You can also count on delicious Riesling this year.

Porto Brasil

The gastronomic space, including our artistic and cultural program, is created especially with our Brazilian artist colleagues. The charming wooden Bar with the Form of a ship has been firmly embedded in the Sommerwerft festival line-up for 4 years.

The longstanding collaboration between antagon theaterAKTion and Brazilian artists has developed through the “Escuna Criativa” project since 2010.

This year the União Instável criações group with Escuna Criativa e.V. is realizing this South American region on the Main with Feijoada, fruity drinks and Tapas (Beiju) made from tapioca flour.

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Babuschka Café

The Babuschka Café is now a tradition at the Sommerwerft. All fans of Pancakes, Vodka with Cucumbers, Homemade Jam or Coffee cannot resist this nostalgically cozy, pleasant grandma kitchen atmosphere.