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Partners & Sponsors

Supporters & Sponsors

Without the active support and cooperation of a large number of enthusiasts at the Sommerwerft, the artists, our team, our helpers and our visitors, the summer yard would not be feasible.

But of course such a big event like the Sommerwerft has become feasible without a solid financial basis. At this point we would like to sincerely thank all those partners, supporters & sponsors that they also ensure year after year that we can make the Sommerwerft possible and that we can continue our work.

Many thanks


Im Laufe der Jahre haben sich wunderbare Kooperationen mit AkteurInnen aus den freien Künsten und Anderswo ergeben, welche das Angebot auf der Sommerwerft zunehmend bereichern. Wir hoffen auf weitere zukünftige Zusammenarbeit.

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