Jul 30 2023


21:30 - 22:30

49 Problems (and my future is one).

49 Problems (and my future is one). DE 2022. Maxi Buck. German/English, CC German. Documentary, 87′ + Q&A

The documentary “49 Problems (and my future is one)” shows the story of the imprisoned environmental activist “Ella” and accompanies the protests against the federal motorway “A49” for over a year. It is November 26th, 2020. On the freeway route occupied by activists, which is supposed to lead through the Dannenröder Forest near Stadtallendorf, Ella is supposed to be taken from a tree by the SEK officer with the code number “K214”. She is accused of kicking K214 in the face at a height of 15 metres. Ella is the name she gave herself in custody. She refuses to state her civil identity. She will spend the next six months in custody until the court hearing. Meanwhile, the A49 continues to eat its way through the Dannenröder Forest and surrounding drinking water protection areas. In Gleental, bridge pillars are to be dug 30 meters deep into the water protection zone. The construction work is blocked by activists, and later it is even possible to stop construction in this area. But how should it be possible to stop a motorway that is wanted by the majority in the long term? Between disillusionment and determination, Anja, Christiane and Claudia have made a decision: “We’ve been hoping for long enough. We’ll stay tuned.” They are among Ella’s close associates and accompany her through her time in prison and her court process. In the Frankfurt prison, she may only be visited once a month. After 210 days in custody, Ella is sentenced to more than 2 years in prison. While Ella, Anja, Christiane and Claudia are devastated, the preparations for the big appeal process begin behind the scenes – Round 2 for Ella at the Gießen District Court. “49 Problems” shows the construction of a highway in the midst of the climate crisis and invites viewers to observe the far-reaching consequences right up to the courtroom.