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23. July – 8. August 2021               
Mo.-We. from 5pm
                                                             Fr.-Su. from 3pm

Anyone who wants to work spontaneously at the Sommerwerft can just show up at the info tent at the festival.
Please read the hygiene concept carefully, it is the only way we can experience a safe festival together!

Only people who have recovered from COVID-19, are fully vaccinated or have got a negative Corona test are welcome on the Sommerwerft grounds! Everyone needs to provide a certificate on paper or digitally.

Welcome to the Sommerwerft!

For 17 days , the Weseler Werft is completely transformed.

Together with you, we create a space that encourages freedom, creativity and joy of life for all. Freedom to leave everyday life behind and to inspire each other, exchange ideas and enjoy each other’s company.

We all wish you a good time at the Sommerwerft and we all try to take care of each other. We help each other, are there for each other and make sure that everyone can feel comfortable. For this we need all of you as well!

This is a space for tolerance, respect and solidarity!

We encourage you to be open to new things and see things that are supposedly known and recognized in a new light. Do not be afraid of the unknown, but try to embrace it with curiousity and see what it may bring you today. In the form of people, flavours, dance, theater, stories and music… with all your senses, awake or dreaming. A moment that passes – and yet can mean an eternity.

Thank you. Freedom and happiness is the only way

Your Sommerwerft Crew

© Barbara Walzer

The international performance, dance and theater festival Sommerwerft offers art and culture every year at the Weseler Werft in the heart of Frankfurt. A comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible program is offered on 17 festival days.

About us

The Sommerwerft celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021

WHEN? – from 23.7. until 8.8.2021 the Sommerwerft will celebrate

WHAT? – its 20th anniversary

WHERE? – at the Weseler Werft, Frankfurt am Main

HOW? –  together with you

HOW EXACTLY? – check out the Covid 19 safety measures

We are very happy to have organized the Sommerwerft (limited) also in 2020. Nevertheless, the necessary limitation on the number of visitors to about 10% of the normally present people has hit the financial situation of the protagon association hard. In order to be able to continue to offer the program of the Sommerwerft free of charge to everyone, we are and will remain dependent on you and on the fact that you are welcome to spend some time with us before and after your visit to the shows. With a crepe or a beer with friends, colleagues or family.

© Barbara Walzer

Make a donation to the Sommerwerft!

There is no big profit-oriented event agency behind the Sommerwerft, nor is it supported by the institutionalized theaters. Many small businesses, self-employed people, artists and are currently struggling to maintain their existence. Our association is no different. You can imagine that the cancellation of the festival would leave us with a serious financial loss. Thankfully, we have a strong partner in the Kulturamt Frankfurt, who is supporting us even in these difficult times. Nevertheless, we are also dependent on your support. Even if it’s not money in the collection box immediately after the performance, every small donation helps us continue our work.

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