Aug 02 2023


21:45 - 23:00

The Open Door

The Open Door

– Ton & Kirschen 

The project THE OPEN DOOR gives all performers the opportunity to trace their own experiences in order to give them shape. We were inspired by authors such as Shakespeare, Franz Kafka, Joseph Roth, Euripides, Erich Fried, Lewis Caroll, a fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Rainer Maria Rilke and Gabriel Gárcia Márquez. It is a creation in which we tell the important themes with multiple means very close to the audience to share with them.

  • Creation of the Clay and Cherries Theatre: Julie Biereye, Margarete Biereye, Régis Gergouin, David Johnston, Rob Wyn Jones, Nelson Leon, Zina Méziat, Daisy Watkiss
  • Artistic direction: Margarete Biereye & David Johnston
  • Distribution: Catherine Launay