Jul 27 2023


20:30 - 21:30

Zwischen Schmerz und Hoffnung – Falling Elephant

Falling Elephant


Falling Elephant

– antagon theaterAKTion, bodyLAB

In a world based on exploitation and destruction, in which we are all partof this devastation, what is the way to live? How can we look, witness, be active without losing ourselves?We accompany two characters moving between pain, lethargy and hope. In their search for the future (yesterday it was still there, wasn’t it?), allthey encounter is an elephant. The elephant is very big.

  • Idea & Performance: Patsch Katrin Hailer & Max Büttner
  • Live-Music: Ruben Wielsch & Bobby Packham
  • Lightning: Bobby Packham & Dario Lozano
  • Costume Design: Effi Bodensohn